Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I really did, completely chilled & relaxed with my family, it was amazing, and now getting back to reality is looming closer...

Not too sure what to do with my blog, am feeling a bit over it to be honest….am loving Instagram - quick & fast…so who knows, I need to decide, am still holding onto coelhoculture a bit, but what is it really about…started it when I had just had my 1st baby, felt it was a way to hold onto to a piece of my personal creativity, it did that for a while, these days it feels like an extra chore, a beast that needs to be fed & with all the other goings on in my life, don't really have the energy for it, and how important is it really in the grand scheme of things, spending face time with family & friends, much more important…decision will be made soon, for now, the odd post may still pop up!

Happy 2014


Pic from Present and Correct.


Candice said...

Hi Jo

I have loved reading your blog over the last few years (I have looked at it weekly at least) but know how you feel about it becoming a chore as your life changes. I must admit that I have let mine die a slow death since starting to work as a writer full time and I feel in equal parts sad and liberated. My policy is that I have left it online and can always decide to start it up again if I feel like it.

I do think that Instagram has changed things for bloggers who want to share gorgeous images of things they see, which is what I love most about your blog, so I am looking forward to following you there.

Candice x

Fay Gao said...

Hello Jo

I agree with Candice; looking forward to following you on Instagram if that will be the case.

Your eye is inspiring, and I enjoy it so!

X, Fay.